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Updated: 08 Mar 2022



A Mobile Phone is a great technology. Mobile phone is a wireless handheld device that allows users to make and receive calls. there are many uses of mobile phone Calling, Gaming, Watching moves "etc .

2.Advantage of Mobile Phone.

Mobil phone is a great invention so there are many advantages . such as calling and massegeing . to the use of mobile phone we communicate any persone who are located any place in the world.We are palying game and watching vedios .So many advantages of Mobile phone some are folowing below.

Top 5 Advantage of useing Mobile Phone.
  • communication
  • online Banking
  • Entertainment
  • Texting
  • Small and easiy to use


Mobile phones provide the facility of communication.
With the help of mobile Phone We communicate with our friends
and family members.Mobile phone is the easiest way of communicaton.

2.Online Banking

Mobile phones are an excellent way to organize your finances. You can check your account balances, transfer money, and pay bills, all with just a few clicks.
Online Banking is very easiy on mobile Phone                 



ong Mobile phone is also  use for entertainment. We play games on mobile phone watching moves or enjoy song and use other Social Media platform like as facebook,instagram,youtube,etc.

4. Texting

Text messaging is a another way of communicatin . In this we write a massage
and sent . This communication mathod is also known as SMS.This is the sime method to sent your massage to another persone.


5. Small and easiy to use.

They fit easily into your pocket or bag. They don't have much weight. This is small so we keep it in our hand or poket. Mobile phone is very easiy to use.
if the mobile battry is low it is easily recharged at home with the help of mobile charger.

3. Disadvantages of Mobile Phone.

We now there are many advantages of mobile phone but there are so many
disadvantage of mobile phone in our daily life.For example wastage of lot of time.There are many Health issues of useing mobile phone.Some important
disadvantages of Mobile phone are folowing below.

Top 5 Disadvantage of useing Mobile Phone.
  • Wastage of time
  • Health Problems
  • Accidents
  • Loss of study
  • Addiction to Mobile Phone

1.Wastage of Time.

Mobile Phone is a great invention but the big disadvange of mobile phone is the wast of time. We spend about 2 hours per day to using mobil phone.If we spend this time in our work it can be very benificial for us.

2.Health Problems.

Mobile is a great way of communication .But it can be also be a to to our health . Cell phone emit electromegnetic waves which may lead to health problems such as brain cancer.



The use of mobile phone during car driveing cause of accidents.The
first type of accident often occurs when drivers are texting or calling.
The focaus of driver  not on driveing  it may cause the dangerous accident.

4.Loss of study.

Mobile is a best device to online study but the students don't use this for studeis.Student use the mobile phone for entertainment. In the entertainment
students not focause on their Study it result students face failure in exams.









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