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Updated: 13 Mar 2022



The world makes better only by education. Education is very important for every human life. It plays an important role in society.

In Islam.

 It is necessary to get an education for men and women. Because education makes personality and character. An educated person believes in simple living with high thinking.

Table of Content
  1. Introduction
  2. What is co-Education?
  3. Advantage of co-Education
    1. Healthy competition
    2. Develop the personality
    3. Improving thinking level
    4. Improve communication skill
    5. Respecting each other
  4. Disadvantages of Co-Education
    1. Against the law of nature
    2. Against the Islam
    3. Immorality
    4. Require Great care
    5. Against our traditions
  5. Facts and figure of co-Education
    1. History of co-education in America
    2. Co-Education in Russia
    3. History of co-Education in England
    4. History of Co-education in Pakistan
  6. Conclusion

What is co-Education?

Welcome to co Education (1)

                        " Co-Education is a system where boys and girls are in the

                         same school, same class and even same teacher teach them."

Another definition of a co-education system is

                        "The school of mixed gender in which boys and girls can

                         learn together under the same roof."

This education system was adopted by developed countries first of all but now a day co-education system is also introduced in developing countries.

The co-education system is very popular all over the world. In this school system, there is no need to open a separate school for boys and girls.

Under the highly qualified teacher, the students can get a chance to study their subjects in co-education.

Co-Education now become more popular in Pakistan.

Advantage of co-Education

Co-education is important for developing the country. Because if male and female study together then there will be no shyness between both genders. This system promotes competition among boys and girls. In this way, they are trying to work hard. 

Here are some advantages of co-Education which are

Advantage of co-Education
  • Healthy competition
  • Develop the personality
  • Improving thinking level
  • Improve Communication skill
  • Respecting each other

Healthy competition

  1. Co-Education systems promote healthy competition.
  2. Co-Education system proper students how to deal with a life problem
  3. It helps the students to overcome their fear and shyness with the opposite gender.
  4. Before that women lived in their homes. But now man and woman play an equal role in every field of life.
  5. So that it is the perfect tool to get success in the real world.


Develop the personality

  1. This system develops the student’s personality.
  2. Because in the presence of girls, boys can’t use abusive language.
  3. They dress properly and talk mannerly, the same thing with the girls.
  4. In this way, they develop their personality.

Improving thinking level

  1. Boys and girls are studying in the same school.
  2. To deal with problems they exchange their ideas.
  3. This system increases the thinking level.
  4. Exchanging ideas with the opposite gender may increase the thinking level.
  5. Both males and females learn various ideas, debates, and topics.

Improve communication skill

  1. Students can improve their communication skills.
  2. Students can talk to any gender if they study in the co-Education system.
  3. It explored various mods of communication among the opposite gender
  4. Co-education Provide a better opportunity to improve their communication skill.
  5. They do not feel shy and fear if they communicate with the opposite gender.

Respecting each other

  1. This system provides gender equality. In which all students respect each other
  2. They appreciate the opinions and attributes of each other.
  3. Understand the problems
  4. Gives the same opportunity of both gender
  5. The environment is so friendly in the co-education system.

Disadvantages of Co-Education

Co-Education systems have also certain disadvantages. The co-education system can destroy the students’ lives. Due to this education system, students are distracted with each other easily. As we know that boys and girls are studying in the same school, they are attracted to each other so that they can’t pay attention to their study.

Disadvantages of Co-Education
  • Against the law of nature
  • Against the Islam
  • Immorality
  • Require great care
  • Against our tradition.

Against the law of nature

  1. The co-education system is not perfect.
  2. Because boys and girls are totally different from others if they study in the same school they can’t contrast on their study.
  3. They cannot be experts in their field.
  4. Due to the attraction of the opposite gender, they cannot fulfill their goals

Against the Islam

         Boys can see the girls in this school system.

  1. They feel no hesitation in staring at the girls.
  2. Islam teach us especially a woman that to stay at the home

           Allah say that

       “…and not display their beauty except what

        Is apparent, and they should place their khumur

         Over their bosoms...”

  • Our holy Prophet (PBUH) says that never encourage these types of activities.
  • Co-Education is not allowed in Islam.


  1. The co-education system creates immorality.
  2. In co-Education boys and girls are studying in the same institute. It means that fire and hay are kept together, no one can save them from burning.
  3. Our national characteristics do not depend on place and roads but they depend only on moral values.
  4. This is immoral activity as we compare it to a single-sex school.

Require Great care

  1. The co-education system requires great care.
  2. Boys and girls study in the same school they cannot pay attention to their study in the presence of opposite gender.
  3. Sometimes they are attracted to each other.In this way they lose their study purpose.

Against our traditions

  1. It is against our tradition.
  2. It will create immoral relations between boys and girls.
  3. They may feel their emotion.
  4. Pakistan is an Islamic country. So Islam does not allow us for co-Education.
  5. Students spend their time in gossip, moving to the coffee shop to impress their opposite gender.

Facts and figure of co-Education

History of co-education in America

The co-education system started in America in 1774. After that, it is started in Englistn in 1870.

Famous Australian psychologist sigman fluid says that

          “If you want that your young generation would be

            First in the success then you should give them gender                  


Co-Education in Russia

Russia is a developed country. Russia experience the co-Education system for twenty years but he did not agree with this system for the future.

Even Israel is also not allowed Co-Education in some places of their country.

History of co-Education in England

The system of co-education in England was started in the college of Bristle in 1876.

History of Co-education in Pakistan

After Independence Day of Pakistan in 1947, many universities were Co-Educational but women were less than 5%.


In my point of view, co-Education is not important because we can achieve success if we remain in single-sex schools.

Education means getting knowledge from anywhere there is no bound that we should learn only in co-Education.

However, this system has many benefits but it is also put a harmful effect on the young generation's minds. so that parents should be avoided the co-education system.   


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