WhatsApp Advantages And Disadvantages

Updated: 13 Mar 2022



WhatsApp is the messaging platform. Its founder is Brain Acton and its co-founder is Jan Koum. Brain Acton gave an interview at Facebook in 2009 but was not hired. After that, he worked with the co-founder Jan and introduce WhatsApp, later Facebook purchase it for worth $19 billion in 2014.

Table of Content
  1. WhatsApp
  2. WhatsApp Advantages
    1. User Friendly
    2. Audio And Video Calls
    3. Ads Free
    4. Audio Messages
    5. Free of Cost
  3. WhatsApp Disadvantages
    1. Need Internet
    2. No Sign-Out Option
    3. Deleted Messages Leave a Trace
    4. File Size Limit
  4. Interesting Facts
  5. End Notes


Hey there! I am using WhatsApp WhatsApp

WhatsApp Advantages

Whatsapp is the most famous and most commonly used app worldwide. Back in time people used SMS to send a text message but now this is the era of Whatsapp. It is more advance and versatile in its performance. Through it we can send messages, do audio or video calls, can share pictures and videos, important files PDF, we can share links. We can create groups on WhatsApp. We can add stories and much more.

Let us discuss some  WhatsApp Pros.

WhatsApp Pros
  • User Friendly
  • Audio And Video Calls
  • Ads Free
  • Audio Message
  • Free Of Cost


User Friendly

WhatsApp is a user-friendly app. People of any age can use it very easily. Very easy to use and manage all features of it. Even a person don't know much about technology and advancement still can use Whatsapp very easily and confidently.

Audio And Video Calls

It provides the feature of audio calls as well as video calls with a good voice and video quality. we can make a call to individuals and to groups also. In group can have meetings with multiple people at the same time through audio or video call. 

Ads Free

Like other social media apps, WhatsApp is totally ads-free app. which adds a good experience to users because most people get annoyed by ads  People wants an ads-free app for communication so that there should not be any interruption while talking to their loved ones or in meeting or with customers 

Audio Messages

Some people find it difficult to type or sometimes text message creates misunderstanding. For this WhatsApp introduces the Audio Message feature. instead of typing, we can send an audio message to anyone without creating confusion. It also saves time 

Free of Cost

WhatsApp is an unpaid app, we can download it directly from the play store without any cost. It's the reason people prefer WhatsApp over all messaging apps because it has the most advanced features which is free of ads and cost. Isn't this great?


WhatsApp Disadvantages

Everything comes with pros and cons. With alot of pros, WhatsApp also has some cons too. we need the number for the WhatsApp account, we have to share personal data to connect with people. Without the internet WhatsApp is useless. People get addicted to it, which is not good

Let us discuss some WhatsApp Cons

WhatsApp Cons
  • Number Required
  • Need Internet
  • No Sign-Out Option
  • Deleted Messages Leave a Trace
  • File Size Limit 

Number Required

It is the biggest drawback of Whatsapp that it requires a number to create a WhatsApp account. We can create only one account on one number. We also have to share our personal numbers with people to add people on WhatsApp, so we have to share personal data with others.

Need Internet

 We need the internet to use WhatsApp. If in an emergency we have to send a message or call a person and we don't have internet access then WhatsApp is useless. Internet is very important to use it which is its biggest WhatsApp disadvantage.

No Sign-Out Option

Unlike other apps, WhatsApp has no sign-out option from the account. It's not safe for privacy. WhatsApp must give a sign-out option to make it more secure.

Deleted Messages Leave a Trace

WhatsApp gives the option to delete a message but it leaves a trace of deleted messages. May it be a minor thing but it gives a bad impression of the sender on the receiver's inbox or in the group. WhatsApp should work on it.

File Size Limit

On WhatsApp, we can send files up to a specific size. If we want to send a larger file it will not support that file. Its video size is restricted to 16MB and file size is restricted to 100MB.

Interesting Facts

  • WhatsApp has spent zero Cash on marketing.
  • An average user sends 1000 messages per month.
  • WhatsApp is available in 32 languages.
  • WhatsApp shows that your message is read by other people by showing blue tick.
  • Users can also use WhatsApp on laptops or computers.

End Notes

If you want to install the best messaging app then must consider WhatsApp. Use WhatsApp to get more benefits in less time. One thing to keep in mind we should use technology, technology should not use us. Don't addict to Whatsapp so much that it can cause problems in your workplace or in your personal life.

Is WhatsApp is a paid app?

WhatsApp is totally free app. You can download it from play store

Can i have more than one account of WhatsApp on my phone?

Yes, you can have more than one WhatsApp account on the same phone but for that, you need different numbers. On one number you can create only one account.

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