The most profitable blog niches for 2022

Updated: 07 Mar 2022


Table of Content
  1. The most profitable blog niches for 2022
    1. Digital marketing
    2.  Blogging and making money online
    3. Health and fitness
    4. Personal finance and investing
    5. Recipes and food
    6. Personal development and self-care

The most profitable blog niches for 2022

Digital marketing

It’s difficult to overestimate the importance of digital marketing in today’s business world. In 2021, the industry reached a market size of $155.3 billion in the US alone [1].

Digital marketing covers a broad range of strategies, from search engine optimization (SEO) and email campaigns to social media and influencer marketing. As the eCommerce world continues to grow, more online businesses are seeking the expertise of marketers to help them reach new customers and boost their conversion rates.

Whether you have a business degree or consider yourself social media savvy, digital marketing offers a lot of potential. You can narrow down your focus into a micro-niche such as affiliate marketing or social media management, and turn your blog into a valuable resource for other businesses.

For instance, popular blogger and marketer Neil Patel runs a blog about the latest trends in digital marketing:

 Blogging and making money online

Blogging has become so popular in recent years that there’s actually a large blog niche dedicated to helping people break into this industry. In 2020, there were over 31 million bloggers in the US [2].

You’ll also find plenty of blogs that help people make money online. This can involve anything from blogging and freelance writing to working as a virtual assistant or starting your own online business.

For example, blogger Melyssa Griffin helps fellow bloggers and entrepreneurs grow their online businesses:

Health and fitness

Online fitness classes have grown in popularity during the pandemic, with many people having no option but to exercise at home [4]. However, studies have shown that nine in ten Americans who exercise regularly will continue to work out at home, even after gyms have reopened [5].

If you’re a health professional, you can take advantage of this growing trend by starting your own fitness blog. Thanks to the nature of this industry, you’re not restricted to only writing blog posts. In fact, you can create all sorts of content, from workout videos to fitness courses and one-on-one training sessions.

For instance, the fitness site Love Sweat Fitness contains everything from blog posts and workout videos to an app that helps you stay in shape:

Personal finance and investing

People are always looking for ways to manage their money more effectively. In fact, data by Google shows that mobile searches related to financial planning and management have grown by over 70% in the last two years. The same data also shows that there’s been a significant increase in investing and stock-related app searches [6].

Personal finance can therefore be a lucrative blogging niche. As a financial advisor, you can help people manage their money wisely, whether by saving for retirement or making the right investments.

For example, the finance blog Making Sense of Cents offers a wealth of tips and advice, from saving money to paying off loans

Recipes and food

Food is an evergreen topic, and one of the most profitable blog niches. It also offers various sub-niches to explore, from quick and easy meals to information on specific diets.

One food topic that has become increasingly popular in recent years is home cooking. In fact, in the midst of the pandemic, interest in online cooking classes skyrocketed by over 1,177% [7].

The food niche is very saturated. You’ll find hundreds of blogs offering recipes, meal plans, and diet advice:

Personal development and self-care

Self-care has become a popular trend in recent years. These unusual times have made people more attuned to their mental wellness, leading to a growing interest in personal development and wellbeing.

However, 80% of Americans intend to continue practicing self-care even after the pandemic [8]. Moreover, a recent analysis by Google shows that interest in personal development is no longer a “New Year trend”, and users are continuously searching for queries related to wellness [9].

If you’re a trained psychologist, a wellness coach, or counselor, you may want to consider delving into the self-care industry. There are a variety of topics you can write about, from morning routines and stress management to mindfulness techniques and journaling:

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