Laptops advantages and disadvantages

Updated: 08 Mar 2022


teting pictureLaptops advantages and disadvantages
Table of Content
  1. Laptops basics information for beginners.
  2. Advantages of laptops
  3.       Portable Device
  4.       Long Battery Life
  5.       Small Size and No External Keyboard and Mouse
  6.       Internal Speaker, WIFI, and Bluetooth
  7. Entertainment
  8. Disadvantages of laptops
  9.       Higher Cost
  10.       Limited Battery Backup
  11.       Sensitivity
  12.       Hardware Limitation
  13.       Risk of Theft and Privacy Issues
    1. Conclusion

Laptops basics information for beginners.

How do you introduce laptops?

A modern laptop is self-contained with a screen, keyboard, and pointing device (like a touchpad). A laptop is a personal little computer and is easy to carry In it we can play all kinds of games and all kinds of writing work and presentations can be prepared. You can use social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

Advantages of laptops

Here are some of the benefits of laptops.

1.      Portable Device

We can easily move it from one place to another and it takes up very little space. And we can easily work on it from anywhere, just like we can work on it by sitting on a chair over our bed.

2.      Long Battery Life

Its battery life is very good even if there is no electricity, we can work in it for more than six to seven hours. That way any of our important tasks for which we can't wait for electricity we can easily do in laptop.

3.      Small Size and No External Keyboard and Mouse

It is so small in size that we can easily lift it and we can easily take it to our school or colleges and office. And it takes up very little space compared to a desktop, and its screen, keyboard, and mouse are attached to it.

4.      Internal Speaker, WIFI, and Bluetooth

It has a speaker inside so you don't need to take a separate speaker. And it has Wi-Fi and Blue Tooth. With Wi-Fi, you can easily connect to the Internet. And with Bluetooth, you can easily move your file from one dive to another.


5. Entertainment

When it comes to entertainment, you can do everything you want you can watch movies in it now you can read, listen to songs, take lectures whatever you must do.



Disadvantages of laptops

1.      Higher Cost

Laptops are very expensive as compared to desktops. Due to being expensive which not every person can afford. Even a normal laptop is much more expensive than a desktop. And the low-income person can't afford it at all.

2.      Limited Battery Backup

The electricity is gone, you can use the laptop only for a limited time, and then your laptop will shut down. And its battery gets damaged very quickly within one year.  

3.      Sensitivity

Laptops get damaged very quickly. The laptop is easy to move from one place to another but if it falls down it will immediately become damaged.

4.      Hardware Limitation

It is very difficult to upgrade a laptop now and laptops are limited to replacements of components except for RAM and internal hard disk. The components like processors, graphics cards, and cooling systems are not easy to access and replace.


laptop device

5.      Risk of Theft and Privacy Issues

Due to its small size, we are also at risk of theft. If we keep it somewhere and forget it, we risk stealing it as well as its privacy.


In the end, I think the laptops will be much better for the desktop. Everything in the world has its advantages and disadvantages. I hope that something is clear in your mind Laptop is better or desktop.



Why are laptops important?

Laptops are an important part of our lives with them we can do our hours of work in minutes

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