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Today I am going to tell you how to do keyword research in the year 2022. Keywords are the words that make our article or website rank higher in the Google search engine. Good keyword research can grow your website and your business. In this topic, I'll explain everything you want to know about it. These keywords are of different types, which are described below.


keyword in google algorithm pie chart

source: keyword in google algorithm pie chart by Neil Patel

Table of Content
  1. Short-tail keywords
  2. Long-tail keywords
  3. Medium Tail Keywords


Short-tail keywords

Short-tail keywords do not contain more than three words. These words are very broad and the purpose of these words is never understood. There is a lot of traffic in these words, but it is difficult to rank highly.

A short-tail keyword is "egg," while a long-tail keyword is "boiled egg recipes," which has three words. When a user makes their first search, the search begins with a short-tail word.

I hope you understand.


Short tail keyword & Long Tail keywords


The Advantages Of Short-Tail Keywords
  • High Volume
  • High Search
  • Organic Traffic
Disadvantages of Short Tail-Keywords
  • High Competition
  • Low Focus
  • High Cost On ADWORD


Why use short-tail keywords?

One of the biggest benefits of optimizing your website for short-tail is that you get thousands or millions of searches on a monthly basis.


Think about what a user is going to type Matt Cutts


Long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are words that consist of more than three words, and the purpose of these words is to understand what the user is looking for. These are the words with low search volume and also low competition. We can use SEO strategies to easily get our website ranked in the Google search engine. You will lose a lot of traffic if you do not include these kinds of words in your strategy.

I hope you understand.


Benefits Of Logn Tail Keywords.
  • High Focus
  • More Business
  • Easy For  SEO Ranking
Disadvantages Of Long Tail Keywords
  • Low volume
  • Less traffic




SEO is not SPAM Matt Cutts

Medium Tail Keywords

They are in between "short-tail words" and "long-tail words." These words are much better than the others because they have something special in them. Their search volume is much higher than the long-tail keywords. These words strike a balance between cost and traffic. You can get a decent amount of traffic with manageable competition by optimizing your site well with mid-tail keywords.

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