Bilawal says PM Imran's 'threat' to Zardari intolerable, tells him to prepare for consequences

Updated: 10 Mar 2022


PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari on Thursday came down hard on Prime Minister Imran Khan for his speech targeting the opposition a day ago, saying "the threats hurled by Imran at Asif Ali Zardari are intolerable" and asked the premier to now "prepare for the consequences".

Addressing a presser in Islamabad in response to the PM's scathing attack on the opposition, Bilawal warned the prime minister that "you won't be able to forget what I will do with you."

PM Imran had said in his speech that Zardari was his next target and that his "gun was now pointed" at the former president and PPP co-chair, who is Bilawal's father. abc

"We have not used a gun, but we know how to use it ... Do politics with us, but if you are threatening us, then you must be ready to face the consequences as well," Bilawal told the premier.


The PPP chairperson said "at the time of Shaheed Bibi [his mother Benazir Bhutto's death], I was a teenager, but we are not children anymore. Khan must keep this in mind."

He said the prime minister's speech was a sign of "desperation", adding that "cursing the opposition will not save his seat."

Bilawal also hinted that his party was mulling a legal course against the PM's speech.

These remarks, both by the premier and Bilawal, come amid a heated political landscape in the country as the opposition seeks to oust the PM through a vote of no-confidence in the National Assembly. In this regard, a delegation of senior opposition lawmakers had on Tuesday submitted the no-trust motion against the prime minister with the NA Secretariat.

The premier in his statements has remained confident that he has the support of the majority in the National Assembly and has vowed to go against opposition leaders, who he claims are trying to protect their ill-gotten wealth and corruption, after the no-trust vote. The opposition, on the other hand, says it has the required number to win the no-trust vote as PTI dissidents and disgruntled members are standing with it.

Bilawal said during today's press conference that he was "very confident" that the opposition would succeed in removing the premier through a parliament vote.


'Attack on Aseefa through drone was a message for us'

The PPP leader also said that the "physical attack" on Aseefa Bhutto through a drone camera during his party's rally in Khanewal was "a message for Zardari and the party".

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"We have given several sacrifices, but not anymore," said a visibly infuriated Bilawal.


He said the PPP was also considering legal action against the incident. "We are in contact with lawyers and we had also filed a report of the incident."

He said the TV channel whose drone had hit Aseefa tendered an apology in writing, "but we will be in a better position to decide after our investigation is complete."

Bilawal said neither Imran nor anyone else could "break" Zardari through allegations or misuse of power.

"It was a plan that Zardari and Faryal Talpur be first put behind bars and it was also assumed that PPP would remain silent, but that did not happen."

'We hope no one will try to save Imran unconstitutionally'

In response to a question, Bilawal said the role of the establishment could be assessed through history, adding that history tells us that our past is "not a good story".

"We cannot make our institutions controversial because of this one person. We cannot isolate Pakistan for him [PM Imran]."

Without naming any institution, the PPP chairperson said it was hoped that no one would make any undemocratic or unconstitutional attempt to save Imran. "This will become clear very soon," he added.

When asked whether the PPP would accept PTI's Fawad Chaudhry into the party once again as it did with Nadeem Afzal Chan, Bilawal responded: "The name you are mentioning is available in every market."

'Many cases in the offing against Imran'


Talking about the PTI foreign funding case,

Bilawal said it had exposed Imran Khan and the irregularities "that he committed in the name of his mother to embezzle funds meant for the Shaukat Khanum Hospital".

He said he had never mentioned the first lady in any of his speeches but "we have learned that there is a widespread murmur in Punjab that no government posting is allowed in the province before the first lady is bribed."

He asked whether PM Imran thought people were fools to believe that his sister Aleema Khan earned her wealth with "sewing machines".

"You have no idea about the cases that are in the offing against you," Bilawal warned the premier.

He invited the prime minister to act against the opposition today, "because you will have no such chance tomorrow".


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