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Updated: 05 Mar 2022


All website owners want to rank their websites and web pages on the first page of the search engines.

But the question arises; how is it possible?

It is possible because of SEO.

Now, what is SEO? How does it work? Why is SEO important? … All these queries will be discussed in this article.

Table of Content
  1. What is SEO?
    1. How do search engines work?
      1. Keywords
      2. What is the Audience Searching for?
      3. Google vs. Other Search Engines
  2. How does Google work?
    1. Crawling:
    2. Indexing:
    3. Serve The Results:
  3. How does SEO work?
  4. Why is SEO important?
  5. Types Of SEO?
    1. Technical SEO:
    2. Local SEO:
    3. On-page SEO:
    4. Off-Page SEO:
  6. Conclusion:

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1- What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - A technique through which we can rank our websites and web pages on the first page of any search engine such as Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft Bing.

Organic (non-paid) ranking means that website owners do not have to pay any search engine to rank their web pages against a specific keyword. There are multiple SEO Tools for website ranking. Click here: for SEO tools. 

Factors related to SEO include generating high-quality content, optimizing image content, and strong backlinking.

How do search engines work?

The main intent of any search engine is to satisfy its users with authentic results. If a user wants to access information about any keyword or search for any question, he usually uses search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The search engine tries its best to show relevant and exact results to its users.


1- Keywords

Keywords are the combinations of words used to represent the topic and goal of your content. A keyword is a search query that a user enters to obtain a result from a search engine.

2- What is the Audience Searching for?

Before publishing the content, you must know the audience’s choices and needs. First, research the keywords and then create authentic content that fulfills the requirements of the user. So, in SEO, the best keyword research is an important step to take.

  1. Google vs. Other Search Engines

Google is the most widely used search engine in the world. Research shows that more than 90% of the world uses Google.

Other search engines like Yahoo, Microsoft Bing, Baidu, are being used by people but are not widely used.

If you want to start your business with a search engine, you must choose Google because it has vast domains and traffic.

How does Google work?

Google is an independent search engine. It uses software called crawlers- a crawler is used to read and index webpages. First, the website is found, then the crawlers crawl and index it.

Google search works in basically three phases:

  1. Crawling
  2. Indexing
  3. Serve the results
  1. Crawling:

Crawling starts with the bot (a software program named a crawler). Firstly, the bot searches the web, reads the content available, and then indexes it into a search engine like Google. New and updated websites are being read by crawlers.

Crawling is the first step; once the data is indexed, Google reads it later.

  1. Indexing:

The crawled webpages are then read and analyzed by Google. Each page of a website is examined by Google, which includes its content, video, and images.

Google understands the meaning of content and then stores it in its huge database.

  1. Serve The Results:

If the user enters the query into a Google search, the most relevant and accurate result is shown.

The better results include factors like language, the user’s location, previous searches, and the device (PC or cell). If you search from the location of the United States, the results will be related to the United States, and the results will be changed if your location changes automatically.

Google usually follows its algorithm to rank a website; it doesn’t accept any payment for web ranking.


How does SEO work?

Let’s start with an example.

If the user has entered the query “How to bake pizza” into google. This shows that a user is searching for a recipe for pizza or the ingredients used for it, and the steps involved in baking it. If you have written an article about the baking of pizza, and you are hoping that users visit your article, you have to rank your webpage at the top of search engine result pages.

It’s not a very simple method to rank your web on the top, but we can’t say it’s impossible because we can rank our web with the help of SEO marketing.

Once you have optimized your content, you need to focus on its updating, adding more information about the relevant keywords, and obtaining strong backlinks to your site.


Why is SEO important?

Search engine optimization is usually the process of getting free and organic traffic to your website. The web pages that answer the user’s query are shown at the top of search engine result pages, and there is no need to pay for clicks. If you have ranked your website on the first page of Google, it’s basically with the help of an SEO strategy.

On the other hand, on the same search engine result pages, there are also some paid results, which are also known as advertisements. When a user visits the paid website, the advertiser has to pay for that click-to-search engine.

Both organic and paid traffic is useful, but organic traffic is more effective and beneficial because it’s non-paid. 


Types Of SEO?

There are various types of SEO. I will discuss the key points of each type of SEO, but it’s up to you which type you want to be an expert in.

Technical SEO:

This is a type of SEO that assures search engines your website is reliable. Moreover, it includes web indexing, crawling, design, and speed of your site.

Local SEO:

The SEO strategy in which your Google business is more visible in local searches is called It includes the maintenance of your business profile, optimizing voice search, and controlling reviews.

On-page SEO:

On-page SEO refers to the whole content that a user sees on a web page. It includes high-quality written content, related images, internal links, and tags that are being used.

Off-Page SEO:

The steps that are taken outside to increase the traffic and ranking of your website are known as “Off-page SEO”. It includes strong backlinking and increased social media engagement.

Now that I have discussed SEO types, the choice is yours as to which type you would like to deal with.



After reading this article, you now know what SEO is and how much SEO is important for your website. So, if you want to start a profitable business with Google, you must be an SEO expert.

Keep in Mind: A good SEO expert can rank his website at the top of search engine result pages easily.

If you want to learn more about SEO, go and watch this video. The link is attached below.


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